Veal Steak Chicken Combo

Veal Steak Chicken Combo meals at Spectra Restaurant and Cafe

The veal steak chicken combo is served with your choice of one pasta dish or two side dishes.

  • The Meals Are Enough For:

These Combos are enough for 2 People or 3 People.

  • The Meals Contain:

Veal steak and chicken platters – cream of chicken mushroom soups – chicken pasta salad – caesar salad – bread basket – cheese madness – soft drinks.

Enjoy the fine-dining food at one of the best steak restaurants in Cairo and try the meal with your friends and family by adding other veal and chicken plates like country fried veal and chickencountry fried veal clubgrilled fillet triple sauce.

Our Branches are All Over Cairo, also you can book a reservation or contact us through the Hotline.

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