Tomahawk & Bolognese Steak

Tomahawk & Bolognese Steak meals at Spectra restaurant and Cafe.

ِAll Plates are served with your choice of two side dishes or one pasta dish.

  • Choose your favorite sauce:

Mushroom Sauce – Spectra white – Mushroom – Curry – Dipsy – Pepper – Mustard – Roquefort – Italian BBQ – Rosemary mustard – Basil – Lemon – Garlic & Spinach.

  • This Meal Is Enough For:

The fresh Tomahawk & Bolognese Steak Meals are enough for 2 people.

  • The Meal Is Suitable For:

Our steak meals are suitable for family and friends and you can order additional dishes like Rib-EyeBlue RippleVeal Steak Chicken.

Have amazing fine-dining food at one of the best steak restaurants in Cairo, and enjoy the original taste in a friendly atmosphere.

Our Branches are All Over Cairo, also you can book a reservation or contact us through the Hotline.

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