Steak Burger

Steak Burger at Spectra Restaurant and Cafe

All steak burger plates are served with your choice of two side dishes or one pasta dish.

  • Our Side Dishes:

French fries, sautéed vegetables, wedge potatoes, corn on the cob, spinach, rice, mashed potatoes, croquettes, and gratin potatoes.

  • Our Pasta Dishes:

Arabiatta Penne Pasta – Chicken Chinese Noodles – Chicken Verdi Spaghetti – Fettuccine Veggie Pasta – Grilled Chicken Cheese Pasta – Grilled Chicken Fettuccini Pasta – Grilled Chicken Penne Pesto Sauce – Grilled Chicken With Penne Pasta – Grilled Salmon Pasta Pesto Sauce – Seafood Chinese Noodles – Seafood Pasta – Shrimp Pasta – Spaghetti Bolognaise – Spaghetti Pasta With Eggplant – Veal Chinese Noodles – Veal Verdi Spaghetti – Veggie Noodles.

  • Choose your favorite sauce:

Mushroom Sauce – Spectra white – Mushroom – Curry – Dipsy – Pepper -Mustard – Roquefort – Italian BBQ – Rosemary mustard – Basil – Lemon – Garlic & Spinach.

Try the original taste of the best steak burger in Cairo with your family and friends in a great atmosphere with a friendly staff.

Our Branches are All Over Cairo, also you can book a reservation or contact us through the Hotline.