Seafood Combo

Seafood Combo at Spectra Restaurant and Cafe

Our plates are served with your choice of sauce.

  • The Meal Contain:

seafood chowder soup – Fried calamari – Caesar salad –  bread basket – fish fillet plates – Grilled jumbo shrimp skillet 

  • The Combo is Enough For:

Our combos are enough for 2 people or 3 people.

If you are a seafood lover with a group of your family or friends, we will recommend one of our fresh and tasty Seafood Combo served with seafood soup, sauces, and a bread basket.

Try a high-quality seafood experience at one of the most famous restaurants in Cairo and gather your family or friends with a friendly atmosphere around 1 table.

Our Branches are All Over Cairo, also you can book a reservation or contact us through the Hotline. 

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